Our Key Leaders

Pastor                        The Reverend Marianne S. Ell

Senior Warden                                       Bill Hubbard

Junior Warden                                       Dick Mickles

Parish Administrator                                     Lisa Lee

Organist                                           Albert Pinkerton

Pastoral Care                                   Deb Spandikow

Actions of the Vestry

St Luke's Vestry meets once a month, and as needed. Meetings are normally the second Sunday of each month, immediately after worship. All church members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Minutes of Vestry meetings for the last 12 months are provided below for the convenience of the church members.

Reach Out to Grace

St. Luke's Parish House

Our Parish House is available to other churches, community groups and families. It has a commercial kitchen and a banquet room that will seat about 100 persons. Contact Lisa in the Parish Office at 629-7979 for details.

Join us 9 am this Sunday!


In the Episcopal Church, the governing body of the local church is called the Vestry. The vestry is an elected group of parish members who oversee the church and its operations.

In the Diocese of Delaware, Canon 12, Sec. 1, provides, "The Vestry shall take charge of the property of the Congregation, regulate all its temporal concerns, elect and call a Tenured Pastor, Pastoral Team Leader and/or Covenanted Pastor, as appropriate, provide for clergy maintenance, keep order in the Church during the celebration of Divine Worship and, in general, act as helpers to the Tenured Pastor, Pastoral Team Leader or Covenanted Pastor in the furtherance of the Gospel."

Vestry members are elected to three year terms. The current Vestry of St Luke's, their roles, and their tenures are:

Bill Hubbard- Senior Warden, Finance, 2020
Dick Mickles - Junior Warden, Worship, 2019
Peggy Boyd - 2021
Jan Grantz - 2019
Linda Robinson - 2020

Deb Spandikow, Pastoral Care - 2020
Herb Quick - 2021

Positions appointed by the Vestry are:

    - Lisa Lee, Treasurer & Parish Administrator

    - Bill Hubbard, Finance Committee Chair

Delegates to Annual Convention, 2019

    - Rich Boyd

    - Dick Mickles

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Parish Office: 202 N. North Street Seaford DE 19973

Office Hours: Tue-Thu 9:00 am - 2:00 pm